QA AuthN Challenge: How to use QA GateSample code

Jan 14, 2011 at 5:59 PM

Hello everyone!

I am new here in FIM development I am trying to achieve this objective, trying to create Password Reset web application for existing FIM users, through which users can reset their passwords in Active directory.
for achieving this objective I am using this FIM client.
till now i have created the login form for my application, where existing user can login to their fim account to see the account details. coming to the Password reset module, according to me there are 2 scenrios, 1st way is to take users which are already registered  for AuthN challege in FIM portal and second way is to register the users through the code in my app, I dont know which will be possibly easily achieveable. But in both the scenarios I have to pull challenge questions from FIM. 
The sample code is given in QAGateSample but i am facing problems to use this code in my objective, I am not able to pull the challenge questions in FIM portal. 
can anyone guide me how I would able to pull these questions agaist the current user and how to submit the response.

Thanks in advance.
Aun Wasti.