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Non-indexed strings not being updated...



We are currently experiencing some trouble with Non-indexed strings in FIM. These attributes are stored using the underlying SQL type Text. After modifing the ResourceType instance and sending it through the RM client the non-indexed attributes are always set to NULL. This can be seen on the requests page of the FIM portal.

I've tracked to issue down to some code in the RmResourceChanges class in the Microsoft.ResourceManagement.ObjectModel namespace. On line 151, all non-multivalued attributes are set to NULL in the code. I've been able to get the desired result by modifing the code by changing the NULL argument into sourceValue.Value on line 151.


ptedesco wrote May 28, 2012 at 9:55 PM

I managed to reproduce the bug.
It happens only if the attribute was not present before the change, e.g. declaring an RmResource and then adding AccountName. If the attribute was present because it had been created with the EnsureAttributes methods, then the bug does not show.

Thanks for reporting this, I will include the fix in the next release.